Do Butt Lifters Work?

They do! Butt lifters are so effective because they focus on what's already there—taking your natural gifts as well as presenting them in the most appealing means possible.

Regular use of a butt lifter like our KIM butt lifter can lead to young-looking, elastic skin, strong muscles, and round, prominent butt cheeks that look fantastic in any conceivable outfit. Depending upon the design you decide on, you can additionally wind up with a narrower and slimmer waist. You can check our body shapers collection.


Products like our KYLIE butt lifter press the waistline and reduce weight by lowering the cravings, preventing overeating, and encouraging the sweating out of short-term water weight and much less overall absorption of water by the body.

Not only that, but our butt lifters can also help you feel great! Knowing that your butt remains in perfect shape can help you feel confident about yourself and self-assured throughout the day, with long-term positive results. Butt lifters also promote proper posture when standing and walking, as they encourage you to stand upright, prevent slouching, and keep your shoulders back to perfect performance. 


Nonetheless, butt lifters only work when they fit appropriately. So please choose the size that best matches your waist, the most significant part of your base and hips measurements. If you need help with taking your body measurements, you can check our detailed guide here: SIZE GUIDE

Bear in mind that your butt lifter must be fit yet not unpleasant or excruciating. Your butt lifter should never remove blood circulation or cause you to feel dizzy, sick, or breathless. If you need help finding the right size, email us at

To attain the most effective outcome:

1. Start with a period of "barging in" your new butt lifter.
2. Use it for an hour or more each day for a minimum of a week before increasing it to a more extended amount of times.
3. If you want to continue using your butt lifter while sleeping, do not do so until you have clumped in your butt lifter.

    Our butt lifters are best combined with a regular workout program and a healthy and balanced diet. We highly recommend focusing on workouts that turn on and reinforce the gluteal muscles, such as weightlifting and crunches. We likewise suggest joining a weightlifting, Zumba, or salsa dance class at your regional health club. Finally, don't forget to thoroughly stretch out your brand new booty before and after every exercise!

    Get your dream booty TODAY!

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