The Benefits of Shapewear for New Moms: How It Can Aid in Postpartum Recovery

The Benefits of Shapewear for New Moms: How It Can Aid in Postpartum Recovery

As a new mom, your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Shapewear is a popular solution to help you regain your pre-baby figure and feel more confident. But beyond aesthetics, shapewear can also provide benefits for postpartum recovery. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of shapewear for new moms and how it can aid in postpartum recovery.

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is a type of undergarment designed to slim and smooth the body's appearance. It is typically made from stretchy, form-fitting materials like nylon or spandex, and is available in various styles, including bodysuits, camisoles, panties, and shorts. Shapewear can provide compression and support to target areas of the body, such as the waist, hips, and thighs.

How Shapewear Can Aid in Postpartum Recovery

Provides Compression and Support

After childbirth, your body goes through a healing process as it adjusts to its pre-pregnancy state. Shapewear can provide compression and support to help your body recover more quickly. By compressing the abdominal area, shapewear can help reduce swelling and inflammation, which are common postpartum symptoms. Additionally, shapewear can provide support to your back and core muscles, which can help alleviate discomfort and prevent injury as your body recovers.

Helps with Body Alignment

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause changes to your body's alignment, leading to poor posture and discomfort. Shapewear can help improve body alignment by providing support to your back and core muscles. By keeping your body in proper alignment, you can reduce the risk of injury and improve overall comfort.

Boosts Confidence

It's no secret that new moms can experience a dip in confidence after childbirth. Shapewear can help boost confidence by providing a smooth and slim appearance. By feeling more confident in your appearance, you may be more motivated to engage in self-care activities, such as exercise and healthy eating.

Popular Shapewear Options for New Moms


Chaney High Waist Panty Shaper - Seamless Design, Compression and Body Shaping, 3D Buttock Lifting

The Chaney high waist panty shaper is a great option for new moms looking for a seamless design that provides moderate pressure to shape the waist and abdomen. The high waist design provides compression of fat and 3D full-coverage buttock lifting to flatten the abdomen and highlight the butt contour. The bra clips keep it in place and prevent rolls-up when you move.


Farrah Eco-Comfy Shapewear - Recycled Nylon, Abdomen Flattening, Butt Lifting, 4-Way Stretch, Convenient Lavatory Visits, Non-Slip Waist, Anti-Rolling Shoulder

The Farrah shapewear is made from eco-comfy fabric with recycled nylon that feels like a second skin. It features a double-layer abdominal fit design that enhances the abdomen flattening effect and a butt lifting design that contours your curves. The waist non-slip design prevents the waist from slipping, and the anti-rolling double shoulder strap design makes it convenient for a customized fit.


Naomi Rubber Waist Trainer and Shapewear Pants - Hip Lifting, Tummy Control, Strong and Durable Zipper and Closure, Convenient Restroom Use, Slim Waist, Flat Abdomen, Beautiful Buttocks

The Naomi rubber string waist trainer is combined with hip-lifting shapewear pants to lift hips and control tummy. The front middle high-qualified YKK zipper and internal single eye and hook closure design is strong and durable and easy to put on and take off. The shapewear pants are stitched with the back single eye and hook closure of easy to fix and remove the waistband. The product has two pieces of fabric that overlap to provide a discrete opening between the legs for ease of use when using the restroom.


Gigi Form-Fitting Compression Belt - Burn Extra Calories, Slim Midsection, High-Quality Polyester and Latex, Adjustable Tightness, Wrapped Wear, Elastic and Durable, Suitable for All Women's Figures.

The Gigi form-fitting compression belt is worn around your waist to burn extra calories and slim down your midsection during workouts. It increases your body temperature and burns extra calories, and the six pieces of segmented hook and loop fasteners allow you to adjust the tightness according to your needs. The product is wrapped wear and without size requirements, fitting the body curve of all women's figures. The Gigi compression belt is made from high-quality polyester and latex, making it environmentally friendly, resilient, strong, and durable. The product has passed 10,000 elastic tests, and the elasticity is stable and not easy to deform.


Is shapewear safe to wear after childbirth?

Yes, shapewear is generally safe to wear after childbirth. However, it's essential to consult your doctor before using shapewear, especially if you had a cesarean delivery. Your doctor can advise you on when it's safe to start wearing shapewear and which types of shapewear are best for your body.

Can shapewear help with diastasis recti?

Shapewear can provide compression and support to help with diastasis recti, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles. However, it's crucial to use shapewear in conjunction with exercises that target the affected muscles, such as pelvic tilts and core-strengthening exercises.

How long can I wear shapewear after childbirth?

It's recommended to wear shapewear for no more than eight hours a day. Wearing shapewear for prolonged periods can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort or skin irritation.


Shapewear can be a helpful tool for new moms to aid in postpartum recovery. It provides compression and support, helps with body alignment, and boosts confidence. However, it's crucial to use shapewear in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and healthy eating. Choosing the right shapewear for your body and consulting your doctor is essential for safe and effective use.

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