My package has failed to deliver. What should I do?

Here are the common reasons why parcels fail to deliver:
- Item refused by the addressee.
- Incorrect / illegible / incomplete address.
- Expired retention period: In some countries, receivers are advised to claim their packages in the local post office and if left unclaimed, the postal office will send the parcel back to the warehouse or destroy and dispose of the package.
- Addressee absence: Addressee not available at the time of delivery.
- Customs policies, rules, and regulations.
Kindly contact your local post office to arrange a re-delivery or collect your item right away. Generally, the carrier has a collection deadline. We'd advise you to pick up your package at once, or it might be returned to the warehouse or, worse, disposed of. If the package has returned to the warehouse, the warehouse will automatically ship the package back for FREE.
If your package has failed to deliver, please contact us as soon as possible so we can start working on a solution.