Plus-Size Shapewear: How to Find Pieces That are Both Supportive and Stylish

Plus-Size Shapewear: How to Find Pieces That are Both Supportive and Stylish

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable and insecure in your clothes? Plus-size shapewear is the answer to your problems! Shapewear not only smooths out your curves, but it can also enhance them. However, finding shapewear that is both supportive and stylish can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pieces for your wardrobe.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Shapewear

1. Know Your Body Shape

The first step in finding the right shapewear is to know your body shape. Are you an apple, pear, or hourglass shape? Knowing your body shape will help you determine which areas you want to smooth out or enhance.

2. Consider the Level of Control You Need

There are different levels of control in shapewear. If you want light control to smooth out your curves, go for a seamless bodysuit like the Yasmin Black. If you need medium control to tuck in your tummy, opt for a high-waisted brief like the Kim Nude. If you want maximum control to shape your entire body, choose a full-body bodysuit like the Nicki Black Plus.

3. Choose the Right Size

It's important to choose shapewear in the right size. Shapewear that is too small will be uncomfortable and can create bulges, while shapewear that is too big won't provide enough support. Check the sizing chart before making your purchase.

4. Look for Comfortable Fabric

The right fabric can make a big difference in how comfortable your shapewear is to wear. Look for shapewear made from soft, stretchy fabric like the ultra-soft nylon-spandex blend used in the Yasmin Black. Also, consider shapewear with breathable mesh details like the Kim Nude.

Top Plus-Size Shapewear Picks

1. Kim Nude 

Get the hourglass look you want with our Kim high waisted that has tummy control and is a seamless hourglass figure. The high waist can hide the fat of your belly, seamless style helps to create a smooth silhouette, mesh detail on the butt provides breathable wear, and also lifts your butt. This is the perfect piece to wear under tight dresses or pants.

Kim Nude High Waisted Seamless Shapewear with Tummy Control and Butt Lifting Mesh Detail.

Check out the Kim Nude here.

2. Yasmin Black

The Yasmin Black is the perfect solution for looking smooth and sexy in your dress. The seamless design makes it invisible under your daily clothes, adjustable shoulder straps make this bodysuit fit your body well, the high elastic fabric around the buttock can show your plump buttocks, and the ultra-soft nylon-spandex blend provides all-day comfort and easy movement.

Yasmin Black Seamless Bodysuit with Adjustable Shoulder Straps and High Elastic Fabric for Plump

Check out the Yasmin Black here.

3. Rihanna Plus Black

The Rihanna Plus Black works perfectly in shaping your body and hiding your tummy fats when wearing tight dresses. Adjustable shoulder straps offer comfort and flexibility, open crotch design makes it convenient to use the restroom, and the chest fabric is stretchy enough to fit a wide variety of chest sizes.

 Rihanna Plus Black Shapewear with Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Stretchy Chest Fabric for a Variety of Chest Sizes.

Check out the Rihanna Plus Black here.

4. Nicki Black Plus

The Nicki Black Plus will smooth out your tummy, lift your butt, and erase your love handles. The seamless knitting ensures no visible panty lines under dresses, pants, cocktail, and more. Adjustable shoulder straps ensure a 

snug fit on you, and the environmentally friendly EVA package bags are non-toxic, harmless to the environment, and recyclable. This full-body bodysuit targets your belly, waist, and thighs, flattening your stomach and creating a sleek line from belly to thigh.

Nicki Black Plus Full-Body Bodysuit with Seamless Knitting and Adjustable Shoulder Straps for a Snug Fit, Targeting Belly, Waist, and Thighs.

Check out the Nicki Black Plus here.


Q: Can shapewear be worn every day?

A: Yes, shapewear can be worn every day, but it's important to choose the right level of control and fabric to ensure comfort and breathability.

Q: Is it safe to wear shapewear for long periods?

A: It's generally safe to wear shapewear for long periods, but it's important to take breaks and allow your body to breathe.

Q: How do I wash my shapewear?

A: Always check the care label before washing your shapewear. Most shapewear can be washed in cold water on a delicate cycle and hung to dry.


Plus-size shapewear can help you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. By knowing your body shape, considering the level of control you need, choosing the right size and fabric, and selecting the perfect pieces like the Kim Nude, Yasmin Black, Rihanna Plus Black, and Nicki Black Plus, you can find shapewear that is both supportive and stylish. So go ahead, rock that bodycon dress with confidence!

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