CurvQueen began with the idea of empowered but comfortable women. So we thought of how we can help women look great and feel great every day because we wanted to see more women embracing their curves, celebrating their already-perfect bodies, and still being comfortable.

CurvQueen has partnered with shipping companies that have warehouses in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia to serve our customers better.



CurvQueen products are thoughtfully selected as we aim to empower women by boosting their confidence. We continue to work hard towards producing the best shapewear a woman can get. We offer body shapers for all body types and sizes, from small to plus size shapewear; we have everybody covered!

We are committed to providing shapewear that actually works and that will enhance what's already there. Our shapewear is designed to smooth, enhance, lift, and tone - the solution for everybody.



You are at the right place if you want durable, slimming, and smoothing shapewear, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. The shapewear that will hug you just right and will never interfere with your activities - and without breaking the bank.

You are at the right place if you want high-quality shapewear that doesn't keep rolling down doesn't squeeze the bejeezus out of you and doesn't cut your tummy right under the boob area.

You are at the right place if you want your clothes to fit better and be able to wear a few former favorites that you haven't put on in a while. With CurvQueen shapewear underneath, feeling and looking like a second skin, you will love getting dressed again!