The Best Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies: A Comprehensive Guide

As a new mom, it can be tough to adjust to the changes that come with postpartum life. Your body has gone through a lot, and it can be challenging to feel confident in your skin. That's where shapewear comes in! With the right shapewear, you can feel comfortable, supported, and confident in your postpartum body. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover the best shapewear options for postpartum bodies, including some of our top picks from CurvQueen.

The Benefits of Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies

Before we dive into the best shapewear options for postpartum bodies, let's talk about why shapewear can be so beneficial for new moms. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider investing in some shapewear postpartum:

  • Support: Shapewear can provide much-needed support for your core muscles, which may be weakened or stretched out after childbirth.
  • Comfort: The right shapewear can be incredibly comfortable, helping you feel confident and secure in your postpartum body.
  • Confidence: Feeling good in your clothes can have a huge impact on your overall confidence, and shapewear can help smooth out any bumps or lumps that you might be self-conscious about.
  • Posture: Shapewear can help improve your posture, which is especially important when you're carrying around a baby all day.

Our Top Shapewear Picks for Postpartum Bodies

Now that we've covered the benefits of shapewear for postpartum bodies, let's dive into some of our top picks! We love the shapewear options from CurvQueen, a company that specializes in shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes.

Chaney Black

If you're looking for an extra-firm fit, the Chaney Black bodysuit is a great option. With a mid-thigh length, this bodysuit tones and snatches your waist, and slims your tummy and inner thighs.

Farrah Nude

The Best Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies

For an everyday shapewear option, we love the Eco Shaper Boyshort in Farrah Nude. These boyshorts are supportive and invisible under anything, holding in your core while shaping and enhancing your body's natural curves with their soft and seamless construction.

Molly Brief Black

The Best Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies

If you're looking for period protection, the Molly Brief Black from CurvQueen is a great option. These washable, reusable period underwear look and feel just like normal underwear, but with the added function of period protection.

Body Makeover Set III Black

The Best Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies

Finally, if you're looking for shapewear that can double as workout wear, check out the Body Makeover Set III from CurvQueen. This limited edition set features buttery soft performance fabric with a unique texture, moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchy fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable during exercise.

FAQs About Shapewear for Postpartum Bodies

Q: How soon after giving birth can 

I wear shapewear?

A: It's generally recommended to wait at least six weeks after giving birth before wearing shapewear. This allows your body time to heal and recover from childbirth.

Q: Can shapewear help with postpartum belly fat?

A: Shapewear can help smooth out any bumps or lumps, but it's not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. If you're looking to lose postpartum belly fat, it's important to focus on a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Q: Is shapewear uncomfortable to wear?

A: Not necessarily! The right shapewear can be incredibly comfortable, especially if you choose a style and size that fits you well. Look for shapewear made with soft, stretchy fabrics that won't dig into your skin.

Q: Can I wear shapewear all day?

A: While it's generally safe to wear shapewear for a few hours at a time, it's not recommended to wear it all day, every day. Wearing shapewear for extended periods of time can cause discomfort, skin irritation, and even circulation problems.


In conclusion, finding the right shapewear can be a game-changer for new moms. Whether you're looking for support, comfort, confidence, or posture improvement, there's a shapewear option out there that can meet your needs. We hope this guide has been helpful in narrowing down your options and finding the perfect shapewear for your postpartum body. And don't forget to check out CurvQueen's amazing selection of shapewear!

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