My card keeps getting declined. What should I do?

There could be several different reasons you're seeing a decline error message or your payment won't go through. If your debit or credit card was declined, check to see if:
1. You entered the wrong information
A simple slip of the fingers could be all it takes for your transaction to be declined. As is the case with an incorrectly-entered debit card PIN, inaccurate credit card information will prevent you from completing a purchase.
2. Your card is expired or out of date
If the card you have on file doesn’t have your current billing address or is expired it will be declined. You can update your card’s expiration and/or your billing address.
3. You need to confirm your card
Your card may need to go through a confirmation process.
4. The type of card you have isn't accepted
We currently don’t accept prepaid gift cards for payment. CurvQueen accepts several payment methods. Learn more about it here: What payment methods does CurvQueen accept?
5. You’ve reached your credit limit
Every credit card has a credit limit. Once you reach it, you won’t be able to purchase anything else until your credit card balance is paid down.
6. You’ve made a purchase while traveling
Purchases processed in an unusual location may lead to a flagged card. 
If you’re still having problems with your card, please try to change your payment method at checkout. We also highly recommend contacting your card issuing bank for more information.