Sizes seem to differ between brands, countries, and even manufacturers, making it challenging to understand which size to pick. The inconsistencies can be attributed to different fabrics and vanity sizing.
This size chart will help determine your size based on your body measurements. Please choose the size that best matches your bust, waist, and hip measurements.
Please note that when taking your measurements, be sure to use a cloth measuring tape — not a metal measuring tape, keeping the tape level and firm, but not too tight. This will ensure that you’re measuring your body accurately. Also, measure only over bare skin or skin-tight clothes to ensure the most accurate measurements.
XS 22.4-24.4 57-62
S 24.4-26.4 62-67
M 26.4-28.3 67-72
L 28.3-30.3 72-77
XL 30.3-32.3 77-82
XXL 32.3-34.3 82-87
3XL 34.3-36.2 87-92
4XL 36.2-38.2 92-97
5XL 38.2-40.2 97-102
6XL 40.2-42.1 102-107