Why is it important to check the size table?

Not all bodies were created equal and trying to standardize them is useless. Size charts are just a guide to help you determine what your BEST option is. 
Sizes differ between brands, countries, and even manufacturers, making it challenging to understand which size to pick. The inconsistencies can be attributed to different fabrics, vanity sizing, etc.
Please follow our size guidelines carefully to ensure you get the most accurate measurements and the best fit. Please DO NOT guess or assume your size, shapewear fits differently than regular clothes!
When in doubt, always measure up. What do we mean? If you find yourself falling in between two sizes, and are unsure, always take the next size up or you will get yourself into a very uncomfortable fit and be discouraged in wearing your shapewear, which is what we want to avoid. This has been the solution for most of our customers but, of course, it’s not 100% certain that this will be the right choice for you.
We completely understand how to ordering the right size online can be confusing. Learn more about it here: Where can I find the size guidelines for CurvQueen? You might also need: How do I take my body measurements?